Welcome to BBA Chulalongkorn Online Admission Application 2023


  • The College Board and ETS deliver SAT and TOEFL scores respectively on a weekly basis (generally on Fridays) or 3 business days for rush score in our online system.
  • The delivery of IELTS score report takes 3 business days.

Note: Please make sure your scores are reported in our online system before creating your application.

- Score: SAT or TOEFL Code: Chulalongkorn BBA 4559
- Score: IELTS Code: Chulalongkorn BBA 138499


CU-TEP & Speaking CU-AAT

The original score report issued by Chulalongkorn University Academic Testing Center must be submitted. The score report can by obtained at Chulalongkorn University Academic Testing Center, 3rd floor Chamchuri 8.
Click here to check score delivery: SAT, TOEFL, IELTS


For applicants who are living in Thailand:

Enter your data http://payment.acc.chula.ac.th/fee/Admission/12400
  • For the Application Number, put only the last 4 digits (for example: BBA2023-0333, you put only 0333).
  • For the Passport Number, put only number (for example; AF28GT49T,  you only 2849)
2. Print out the payment form.

Two Options for payment:
1. Bring the payment form and pay at the Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) in person.
2. Or pay it through SCB i-banking by using the reference numbers in the payment form:
  • Ref. No. 1 is your national ID or passport number + additional last 3 digits (automatically default).
  • Ref. No. 2 is the numbers specified in the form.

See the following sample of reference numbers in the payment form